Depending on court availability, court hire can be made at anytime, day or night. It doesn’t matter if you are on your own and want to practice some bowling or goal shooting. Or if the weathers bad and your Footy club of 100 players want to do something different for training, if the courts are available, you’re in.

Referees and umpires can be organised for those work place grudge matches and family feuds while for beginners a brief run down on rules and regulations can be provided. All equipment is provided and our kiosk and bar is at the ready for after match refreshments.

Casual Bookings

Basic casual rates start from $15 per person per hour or $75 per court per hour.

Permanent Bookings

Basic permanent rates start from $12 per person per hour or $60 per court per hour.

Outdoor Cricket Training Lanes

Training lanes for outdoor cricket clubs are commonly used at Northcote Indoor Sports from July through September by approximately 40 clubs each year. We have to ability to set up 8 lanes on weekends and up to 6 lanes weeknights, depending on demand. Although we do give preferences to clubs that have been with us before, it is still a “first in gets the best times approach”. Usually clubs start booking lanes in around June, but you would be surprised at what you might find available at the last minute. Lanes can be booked at anytime during the season and when it rains, its usually the good clubs that get in for an extra hit to stay in front of the competition.

Training lanes start at $60 per lane per hour. ($20 extra for bowling machine)

Bowling Machine Hire

Stay one step a head of your rivals and get on the bowling machine. Make sure your season doesn’t start late this year.

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