Club Top 10 & Club Champion – Cricket

Club ChampionJordan Venables608
2ndJarrod Burns576
3rdMick Murray528
equal 4thPaul O'Day512
equal 4thSean Neary512
6thChris Dunbar448
7thColin Baker432
equal 8thDaniel Bramich416
equal 8thPeter Shine416
10thJoel Beech368

Club Top 10 & Club Champion – Netball

Club ChampionBridgette Linares564
2ndKate McCarthy434
3rdAndrew Walligora364
equal 4thAnita North252
equal 4thMelony Groppi252
6thAndrew Baker210
equal 7thAndrew Oudin168
equal 7thBen Briutzman168
equal 7thMach Bisak168
10thKylie Bruinsma154

Other Awards

Best First Year Player – Cricket

Nominations:Aaron Dickson, Beck Morris, Liz Pierce, Jeremy Corby, Neil Mason

And the winners is Neil Mason

Best First Year Player – Netball

Nominations: Kylie Bruinsma, Lauren Beissel, Chris Dawkins, Lauren Docherty

And the winners is Chris Dawkins

Best Under 18 Junior Player – Both Sports

Nominations: Rob Shill, Dave Worthington, Tate & Cale Volitakis, Sharnni DiMauro

And the winners is Dave Worthington

Best Club Person

Nominations: Phil Hiah, Beck Morris, Ricky Gailer, Bec Jesensek, Leslie North, Matt Mallia

And the winner is Phil Hiah