Club Top 10 & Club Champion

Club ChampionWayne FlinnCricket784 points
2ndPeter ShineCricket608 points
Equal 3rdKarl Heckmann JnrCricket592 points
Equal 3rdAlex JesensekCricket592 points
5thBelinda HalleyNetball490 points
6thLeigh PatersonCricket480 points
7thRowena HalleyNetball462 Points
Equal 8thKath BrownNetball448 points
Equal 8thMatt PfuhlCricket448 points
10thAndrew OudinNetball406 points
2011 Superleague Awards

Other Awards

Best First Year Player – Cricket

Nominations: Rob Shill, Liam Maguire, Jarrod Burns, Leigh Paterson, Tate Volitakis

And the winners is Leigh Paterson

Most Improved Player – Cricket

Nominations: Jack O’Neill, Dave Worthington, Rob Shill, Wayne Flinn, Phil Hiah

And the winners is Jack O’Neill

Best Utility Player – Cricket

Nominations: Peter Shine, Karl Heckmann Jnr, Rob Shill, Wayne Flinn, Phil Hiah

And the winners is Karl Heckmann Jnr

Best First Year Player – Netball

Nominations: Kate McCarthy, Sara Bond, Rob McGuinness, Kim Huynh

And the winners is Kim Huynh

Most Improved Player – Netball

Nominations: Renne Hilton, Meloney Groppi, Amelia Ralph, Marcel Laniers

And the winners is Meloney Groppi

Best Utility Player – Netball

Nominations: Amelia Ralph, Shirley Sciascia, Leslie North, Leeanne Dainer

And the winners is Leslie North

Best Club Person

Nominations: Phil Hiah, Carol Halley, Nola Dillon, Shirley Sciascia, Steve Long

And the winner is Steve Long